We unchain hotels with a new approach​

Today's problem for hoteliers

is how to stand out in a world of ecommerce enabled transparency

Google maps

Scan by price

Online travel agency

Sort battle of thousands of listings


and its impact on yield management, can explain all of the profitability of a hotel

For example

For a 50 room hotel…

…with an average daily rate of $75

…total revenue is about $750k

…and gross operating profit is about 30% or  $225k.

…each 10pt improvement in occupancy is worth $150k a year…

…plus each 10% of average daily rate improvement is worth $100k a year.

We unchain hotels with a new approach

Old way
Old way

Ignore ecommerce

Distribute through travel agents with pre-agreed fixed prices

Declining market

Build internal ecommerce capability

Hire a revenue manager. Buy online insight platform, revenue management solution, channel management solution, property management solution and reputation management solution

Cost prohibitive

Join a branded chain

Give up independent brand, join a chain, invest in Capex to adhere to brand standards, pay share of all revenue

Yesterday’s solution to yesterday’s problem

The right way
The right way


Retain independence, outsource yield management to ZUZU

Today’s solution to today’s problem